Eirikr Kharun (pompousPsycho)
Classpect: Guide of Void
Speciality: nihlism, partying.
Entry Order: 2
Eirikr Kharun is the lowest of the low, having both legs and the burgundy caste. On top of that, his fate feels locked in stone: he KNOWS the players win their game, their entire society is built around the fact that they inevitably will in a stable timeloop. He feels his actions have no consequences as a result, and spends his days in a hedonistic haze on his Party Boat.

His chatHandle is a dig on his hated enemy, Zawhei, who is a pompous snake with a beserk button, while also being a nod to his inevitable role within the Game.

When Nidhogg becomes [REDACTED], things crystalize in a single moment for him, and he's freed from irrelevancy. He speed runs the land he had been ignoring, completely undermining his robotic doppelganger who had been playing, and organizes the remainder of the team in a desperate bid to win the game despite inevitability going off the rails.

His quirk is no punctuation, all lower case, except when he is EXCITED or SHOUTING WEIRD VIKING SWEAR WORDS. BY ODINS BEARD he loves WEIRD VIKING SWEAR WORDS.
??? (butlerBot)
Classpect: Butler of Void
Speciality: He is a butler. He buttles.
Entry Order: 2
ButlerBot is, unfortunately, not actually a Player of farragnarok, although he did try very hard to play the Land of Mists and Trails. Technically he shouldn't even be in this list, but I figured if you knew where to find him you already were wasted enough to handle things.

After being completely and utterly made irrelvant by his fleshy doppelganger, ButlerBot is mostly learning the True Meaning of Friendship with YNBot on the empty wastes of LOMAT. He also is talking to you Observers over on ButlerIsland
Othala Grigor (midgardsMonarch)
Classpect: Witch of Blood
Speciality: leading from the back.
Entry Order: 8
Othala Grigor, like all of her caste, excels at leading and managing others. Hungry for power, she resents the fact that "in the time before" Nidhogg, she would have ruled with an iron fist, no sharing power with others of her caste because there wouldn't BE any. As such she loves researching history and consuming "historical drama" media.

Peewee seems strangely insistant on contacting her.

Her quirk is the Royal We, acting as if she speaks for all fuchsia ever as well as fish/sea/water puns, (based on her vague understanding how Alternian Royalty used to talk). She also speaks overly formal and archaic, mimicing historical records of Alternian empresses thousnads of sweeps old.
Despap Citato (foreverFonsi)
Classpect: Grace of Rage
Speciality: Creating fourth wall breaking technologies to help their coplayers.
Entry Order: ???
Despap Citato, the Grace of Rage is friendly, helpful and a master of the concillatory, diamond based hands.

They subtly mimic the quirk of whoever they are speaking to, to put them more at ease. They always start their chat lines with <> (or the emoji equivalent) to make the intentions clear.

A technical genius, Despap created the "pap hand portals" on LOHAE to automate fruit growing for Zawhei, and created a robot doppelganger of Eirikr to complete the land of mist and trails on time.
Hagala Folnir (helheimsHandmaiden)
Classpect: ??? of Space
Speciality: worshiping Nidhogg's rival, The Eagle.
Entry Order: ???
Hagala is a lamia of few words. She belongs to a sect common to her caste, and leads worship of The Eagle, the one being Nidhogg fears and hates in all the multiverse.

She has a mysterious connection to Peewee.

Her quirk is always fOHllOHwing an "O" with an "H" and always capitalizing bOHth.
Zawhei Bacama (yggdrasilsYeoman)
Classpect: Reaper of Life
Speciality: growing trees, being in charge.
Entry Order: 1
Zawhei Bacama is the highest member of the ruling caste of jade blooded snake lamia, venerated for their role in expanding Nidhogg's Children. Zawhei believes strongly in the word of Nidhogg, and in upholding the status quo that supports Nidhogg's objective. She can be kind of a smug asshole, especially to Eirikr, her polar opposite, the lowest Player on the totem pole by their society's rules.

She talks precisely and formally, unwess you get her angwy and then she fawws into owo speak wike hew wusus. She hates this, and she hates her lusus, who she views as inferior. She wears a "lusus costume" in order to provide optimal maternal care to the grubs grown in her orchard, and to campaign for the institution of lusii to be disbanded as obsolete.
Volour Braggi (slyShadow)
Classpect: Skald of Light
Speciality: telling tales, stage magic.
Entry Order: 3
Volour Braggi is first and foremost an entertainer, telling tales that leave her audience spellbound, and her shadow psionics really help sell the story.

Proud of her perfect poker pluck, she doesn't shy away from using Hands as a way to keep her audience's attention off the actual prize while she performs literal slight of hand.

Her Quirk, fittingly, is cApitAlizing the letters mAtching plAying cArd suits (AQJK) and ending each sentence with a <3, <>, <3< or c3< (or their Ascii eQuivAlent) depending on how she wAnts her mArK to take her Jist. <3<
Okarin Seelee (equineEnigma)
Classpect: Thief of Time
Speciality: horse.
Entry Order: horse
HΩrse. Ωkarin likes hΩrses. He's weird.
Peewee Cassan (TheMan)
Classpect: Glitch of Doom
Speciality: streaming
Entry Order: ???
Peewee 'The Man' Cassan is a popular streamer on segundia, famous for let's plays. His ravenous fanbase can't wait for his inevitable victory in the Game that created Nidhogg, Father and Mother of All, streamed live, of course.

Privately, Peewee seems to have misgivings about going into a death game, even one with an "inevitable" victory. He seems to have mysterious knowledge beyond even the Snake Players of the Golden Moon, and has been seen talking (conspiring?) with Hagala.

Despap has provided him with a custom streaming cybernetic upgrade, anything he says or sees gets transmitted immediately to the fans back home.

Peewee's quirk is twofold: shouting REALLY LOUDLY WHILE TRYING TO BE A POPULAR PUBLIC PERSONA (BE SURE TO LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE) (and speaking much quieter, so the fans can't hear, his true thoughts which are a lot less confident).