To get in here you need to find every easter egg card hinted at in this cruel page.

4/13/18 Hall of Fame: (Closed)

  • sniperZee
  • aspiringWatcher
  • catatonicKeeper
  • asinineGodsend
  • Natry
  • goldfish
  • flamingAvian
  • lunacria
  • duckking
  • ambiguouslyTerminated
  • Cat,fireRachet
  • yearnfulNode
  • 6/12/18 Hall of Fame For Scene Viewing :

    To get in here you need to see all the scenes you collected for the first Hall of Fame (but not necessarily their sub scenes).

  • sniperZee
  • Natry
  • Goose
  • Credits:

    Ideation and Primary Coding: jadedResearcher (that's me).

    Tools Coding: paradoxLands

    Aesthetic: Wongle.

    Scene Creation: P much all the ideasWranglers from: SBURBSim